Collaging with Cereal Boxes
Experimental Collage
It all started with a box: for this project, we were tasked with creating a series of collages using only what we could cut from a cereal box of our choosing. I chose to use a box from the up-in-coming brand Magic Spoon, which advertises itself as a “childlike cereal for grownups.”

The first phase of this collage challenged us to use only original elements from the box, converted to grayscale. I strove to create a composition that reflected the fun and adventurous nature of the brand.

In the second phase, we introduced two colors, with tones permitted. All elements were to be converted into shapes or rules, with minimal interruption to the composition created in the first phase. I chose tones of blue and brown inspired by the original box colors. I also chose to limit my shapes to rounded elements, paying homage to the original box elements.

The final poster phase gave us much more creative freedom: we could bring in one more color, and add in outside elements of our choosing. Building off of the last two phases, I kept my composition while adding in a realistic gorilla and actual spoons. To keep the idea of childlike whimsy, I kept in the cartoon girl.

Part 2: The box

In the second part of this project, we came full circle back to the idea of a box. We could choose any 3D shape we felt would continue the narrative of our original collage: I chose to stick with the traditional box shape, as the Magic Spoon brand plays to nostalgia, so a more futuristic shape would be out of place. Pulling inspiration from the previous poster collages, I translated my composition into the 3D space. I wanted to continue to show the fun nature of the brand by keeping elements flowing around the box. 

© Helen Frost ︎ ︎