Bay Pass Point of Purchase
Experimental Space Design
For this point of purchase design we were given three choices of content: regional transit, cosmetics, or medical marijuana. Each project needed a narrative, branding, and a concept for a point of purchase that would be staged in a public setting, such as a mall or transit hub.

I chose to work with regional transit as the premise for my project. As an avid public transit user, I strove to create a conceptual system that would aid the diverse nature of public transit in the Bay Area: Bay Pass.  Bay Pass would be a comprehensive transit card, linking all Bay Area transit systems together for ease of payment and customer support. Key features of Bay Pass would be contactless payment, instant balance reloading, and seamless management of system to system transfers.

Being that Bay Pass would be a futuristic alternative to the current transit card options available, I wanted the branding and subsequent design of the point of purchase to reflect that. Arrows and shades of teal serve as classic symbols of technology and forward progress. Within the point of purchase space, large interactive touchscreen kiosks are employed to attract customers, educate them, and sell Bay Pass transit cards to them. The point of purchase is also ADA compliant: the smaller kiosks are within wheelchair access height, and the ridges on the floor mark the edges of the kiosks for vision impaired users.

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