Abortion Care x Women In Poverty

Part One: Infographic Poster
Restrictions on abortion care can make it difficult or impossible for women seeking abortion care to receive what they need. Subsequently, states with more restrictions on abortion care have higher numbers of women with children in poverty. This project serves to visually showcase these statistics in two parts.

This is the overview of all the accumulated data on the topic from my research. I cross compared the raw data on abortion restrictions by state with the percentage of women with children living in poverty in each state. States are organized from highest rates of women living in poverty (top-left) to lowest rates of women livin poverty (bottom-right). The colorful bands, or “ribbons,” denote specific restrictions on abortions. If a restriction has multiple forms, they are displayed as a shade of the master color. The infographic reveals that states with more restrictions on abortions have more women living in poverty. Smaller graphs include supporting information such as averages of women denied abortion care and government poverty assistance usage by women who carried a pregancy to term because they were denied a wanted abortion.

Part Two: 3D Infographic Study

The data from the previous poster is translated into a 3D format. Each restriction ribbon was translated into a box, stacked near its corresponding state. States are organized in three tiers: the bottom tier displays states with the most women living in poverty, and the top tier displays states with the fewest women living in poverty. 346 individual boxes were made to represent abortion care restrictions. By looking at this model, you can get a feeling for the severity of the impact of abortion restrictions on women living in poverty.

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